How to use H2F themed Yoga Classes on DVIDS

The classes are all informed by the US Army's FM 7-22. These videos were filmed and utilized for Gladiator Program to supplement or compliment PT. However, these classes are available for military personnel and family members to utilize to optimize physical, mental, spiritual, and sleep domains of life. 

Physical Training 

Units can use a projector to project and display videos and use these classes for unit PT, recovery or working with soldiers on profile/injury recovery. 

Personal Health 

Soldiers and families can use videos for health maintenance through personal PT and enjoying yoga classes on their personal time. 


Senior Leadership can experience integrative movement that embodies 7-22 competencies learning ways to apply in PT, stretching and soldier health strategies. These classes compliment Melissa Aguirre's MPMT Training. 

H2F Programming

Beginning with class one and continuing once a week up to class eight offers an 8 Week program integrating H2F skills for movement capabilities. 

Melissa Aguirre works with commands and units on Fort Sam to educate, equip and guide leadership in skills to optimize soldier performance and mental capabilities using mind body medicine strategies. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with Melissa or learning how to apply H2F deeper into your command email

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