Operation Within was a collective initiative among impact partners for a Pilot in 2021 to serve military beneficiaries by addressing health promotion, mental wellness and cultivating a deeper sense of wellbeing for military beneficiaries and community. 

Vetted by Humana Military, Operation Within serves the military community through the domains of mental wellness, community and mindfulness. This program is one of two programs piloted by Humana Military to address food insecurity, isolation and health needs amongst the military family and will run for six months.

Partners Include: milmindbody, Team RWB, American Heart Association, San Antonio Food Bank and more.





The program itself includes three ways to foster wellness and health for military beneficiaries: Mindfulness, Mental Wellness, and Community. 

The Operation Within Handbook is a stress reduction guide providing education, self-inquiry, tools, and resources to improve quality of life and restore well-being amongst the military community. Find unique contributions from local partners and community health members with conversation and experiential support for health and well-being.

Operation Within offers education through the Operation Within Podcast hosting meaningful and innovative conversations with military leaders, families and subject matter experts.

Monthly self-care and wellness events are promoted through Team RWB (Red, White and Blue) and are designed to connect military members and their families in a variety settings in and around San Antonio, TX.  Download the Team RWB App to see what events are happening near you.

Pilot Outcomes

Food Distribution

439 Military Families were served through SA Food Bank and the YMCA partnership with Operation Within to address food insecurity amongst military families. 

Podcast Outreach

The Operation Within Podcast reached four countries and nine states with over 2,000 listens during the pilot timeframe. 

Community Driven

During the pilot, Operation Within had over 50 volunteers to aid outreach and other program services bringing communities together in San Antonio. 

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