milmindbody is an outreach program supported by Mel Marie Yoga  providing holistic services, resources and programs accessible to the military community. Melissa Aguirre, owner of MelMarie Yoga supports military education in mindfulness, stress reduction and SME requests. Our military outreach is designed to enhance and equip military leaders and personnel in self referral tools while addressing population health amongst the community. The project began as a vision between a group of military spouses who felt creative support, mind body initiatives and a self care oriented community was missing within the military spouse community. Sure, there are FRGs and mission driven spouse groups where connection is the mission. With milmindbody, community is the natural byproduct- self care is the mission. milmindbody is a program designed to harness connection and empowered purpose through yoga, mindfulness and stress management modalities throughout the military.  



About The Foundations Course 

MelMarie's Yoga Foundation Course is a 50 hour training course blended with online modules, mentorship and integration to equip and certify you as a stress management specialist. The program is paired between one on one mentorship (facilitated by military spouse graduates of the training program) and online webinars with specialized curriculum tailored to the military lifestyle. Spouses will receive a printable training manual to follow along with the program and will have opportunities to teach yoga, meditation, mindfulness and creative workshops to the military community through USO facilities and centers once graduated- along with other additional training opportunities to orient spouses into a sustainable career in wellness, health, and stress management consulting.

milmindbody Yoga Studio 

In partnership with the USO, the first of its kind ever, also the first (and only) yoga studio on a military installation- The Vogel Resiliency Center opened their doors in 2019 to further serve the military family and community through integrative mindfulness. Classes were complimentary to the military spouse and graduates of the Foundations Course had the opportunity to teach at the studio. After 2021, the Yoga Studio evolved into the DOD's first ever Meditation Center. For classes and resources go visit the Vogel Meditation Center. 

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